Accelerate Beyond Limitations

TBEX is an approved Amazon Smile charity

The Bike Experience USA is a charity that teaches and advises motorcyclists who have been disabled how they can ride again, through the provision of an adapted and modified motorcycle which will allow them to ride in a safe environment using a logical step by step process. The Bike Experience USA was formed in January 2016.  It's founder Michael Petrosini brought the idea for the project back from the UK where he spent two years working with the original Bike Experience charity. In March 2003 Talan-Skeels-Piggens, the founder of The Bike Experience in the UK, was knocked off his motorcycle and thrown under the path of oncoming traffic. The accident left him paralyzed from the chest down and he thought he would never ride a motorcycle again. Eight years later Talan was back riding a motorcycle on UK track days and felt the importance of teaching others how to do the same. He is the current 600cc World Champion (Paralyzed category). Talan says "When I'm riding  I do not feel disabled, I feel free from my wheelchair, I enjoy the sense of exitement and independence just I used to." Talan, admits getting to this point has been a struggle, but worth it. He established The Bike experience so that other disabled motorcyclists can enjoy the feeling of getting back on a bike without the falls and setbacks he suffered. Seeing firsthand the freedom and joy the charity brought others in the UK, Mike knew he had to continue Talan's mission in the USA.








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